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Permits required for Commonwealth Parks and Reserves

Certain activities, including research or any commercial activity, in Commonwealth parks and reserves require a permit under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act),
Activities are managed under Regulation 12.06(2) or 12.09(1) of the EPBC Regulations, and in accordance with subsection 354(1) of the EPBC Act.
Activities must be consistent with the management plan for the park or reserve in which the activity is to be conducted.
Non-Australian applicants: If you intend to carry out activities for commercial purposes while in Australia, it is a requirement under the Migration Act 1958 that you obtain an appropriate Temporary Residence Visa. These can be applied for from any Australian Embassy.
Public liability insurance : If you wish to carry out a commercial activity in a Commonwealth reserve, under a permit issued by the Director of National Parks, you must have public liability insurance for an amount of at least $20 million.
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Permits for Commonwealth terrestrial reserves

Permits for Commonwealth marine parks and reserves

Permits for protected species and ecological communities

Circumstances under which a permit may be issued

A permit may be issued for an activity in Commonwealth reserves only if:

There are also other circumstances that must apply for particular activities to be permitted, as specified in Regulation 17.05 of the EPBC Regulations.