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Great Barrier Reef | Tourism Australia
Great Barrier Reef | Tourism Australia

National Landscapes and tourism

Australia has a wealth of natural and cultural assets - we have unique wildlife, spectacular natural places and we are home to the world’s oldest living culture.

Our compelling natural assets include more than 600 national parks, thousands of protected areas and reserves, and 19 World Heritage sites.

As a result, intention and desire to visit often fails to convert into actual visits or length of stay. We have not realised our tourism potential.

Solving the tourist’s dilemma

To cut through the clutter, Parks Australia and Tourism Australia formed a partnership to identify Australia’s most iconic landscapes - areas of outstanding natural beauty and cultural significance. 

Australia’s National Landscapes promote to the world our 16 most spectacular regions offering uniquely Australian experiences.

The Experience Seeker

Australia’s National Landscapes provide off the beaten track experiences and opportunities to personally engage with culture and heritage. The Landscapes appeal to visitors who want to learn about the world they live in and connect with local culture.

Tourism Australia calls this global market 'Experience Seekers'. Learn more about Experience Seekers here.

Explore Australia’s National Landscapes