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Australia's Native Vegetation Framework released
A new framework has been released to guide the management and protection of Australia’s unique and valuable native vegetation.

Native vegetation laws, greenhouse gas abatement and climate change measures - Australian Government Response
On 16 January 2012, the Australian Government tabled its response to the Senate Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration References Inquiry on Native vegetation laws, greenhouse gas abatement and climate change measures.

Since European settlement of Australia, land use has usually been focused on specific human requirements such as agricultural production, urban development, transport, industry, recreation or biodiversity conservation. Such single-purpose management neglects the multiple benefits provided by the earth and its living systems.

We now recognise the essential contribution of ecosystems in providing clean water, clean air and healthy soils, as well as maintaining our unique biological diversity. Some management practices place enormous pressures on the land, damaging these 'ecosystem services', reducing biodiversity and degrading soils and waterways.

The part of our web site provides information about the Australian Government's activities to maintain landscapes, biodiversity and ecosystem services while ensuring sustainable production systems and providing for other human needs.

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Caring for our country

Caring for our Country

Caring for our Country is the Government's natural resource management initiative. It is designed as an integrated package with one clear goal, a business approach to investment, clearly articulated outcomes and priorities and improved accountability.

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Vegetation corridor and fencing beside Barr Creek, from the bridge across the Cohuna-Kerang road. Photo John Baker