Working on Country

Working on Country

Having a job as a ranger on my own country has made a big difference. I never thought that it would be possible to find full time work in my own community
Mark Shadforth, Bardi Jawi Ranger, One Arm Point, WA

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Expansion of Working on Country in the Northern Territory

About Working on Country

The Australian Government established Working on Country recognising that protecting and conserving the environment is a shared responsibility and to provide sustainable employment for Indigenous people.

Indigenous people have long-held cultural and traditional responsibilities to protect and manage their land and sea country. They own an estimated 20 per cent of the Australian continent, upon which lies some of our most environmentally precious natural assets and, for Indigenous people, is rich in cultural and spiritual meaning.

Working on Country builds on Indigenous traditional knowledge to protect and manage land and sea country. More than 680 Indigenous rangers are employed in around 95 ranger teams across Australia to deliver environmental outcomes. It is expected that around 730 rangers will be trained and employed through Working on Country by June 2015.


Working on Country is supported by the Australian Government as an ongoing program. Funding of over $244 million is available for the program until June 2013.

From 1 July 2013, over $320 million will be available over five years to support Indigenous rangers. This includes a commitment to have 730 Indigenous rangers on country by June 2015.


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