Australian Heritage Strategy

Australian Heritage Strategy

About the Strategy

In 2011 the Australian Government began the process of developing an Australian heritage strategy. The strategy will provide a common framework and priorities within which all heritage organisations will be invited to participate over the next decade - to make the most of limited resources and to build upon success.

A public discussion paper and ten commissioned essays were released in April 2012 to outline some of the current challenges and opportunities. Ninety-seven submissions were received in response and they provide a strong basis for the development of the strategy.


There is considerable continuity between these submission and other considerations of heritage that have taken place in recent years (see below), though there were also differences.

The way forward

Based upon the submissions received, the department has been developing the strategy and consultations are still ongoing with stakeholders. Issues that are being considered in these consultations include:

Further consultation

Consultations on the strategy will continue over coming months. It is anticipated that the strategy will be discussed between the Australian Government and the states and territories in early 2013. It is likely that the strategy will be made public following this discussion.

Other relevant documents

Documents that provide background relevant to the development of the strategy include:


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