Grants and funding

Heritage grants and funding

The major sources of Australian Government funding for activities that benefit Australia's heritage are:

Current programs

Competitive funding programs

Your Community Heritage

The Your Community Heritage Program aims to:

  • help protect and conserve Australia's nationally significant historic sites
  • repair or restore damage to natural disaster affected historic heritage sites and/or enhance the resilience of heritage places to withstand possible future natural disaster events
  • honour eminent Australians who have made a significant contribution to our nation
  • assist communities to tell their heritage stories
  • enhance community engagement in heritage through celebrations and events
  • bring heritage online

Indigenous Heritage Program

The Indigenous Heritage Program supports projects that identify, conserve and promote the Indigenous heritage values of places important to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Discretionary, ad hoc or non-competitive funding

National Trusts Partnership Program

The National Trusts Partnership Program provides on-going funding to the Australian Council of National Trusts to support activities that increase public awareness, understanding and appreciation of Australia's cultural heritage, and enhance and promote its conservation and assist the Trusts to advocate and work for the preservation and enhancement of Australia's cultural heritage.

Historic Shipwrecks Program

The Historic Shipwrecks Act 1976 aims to ensure that historic shipwrecks are protected for their heritage values and maintained for recreational, scientific and educational purposes. Activities are coordinated through the Historic Shipwrecks Program via a service level agreement between each of the states, Northern Territory and Norfolk Island. The Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology, is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the preservation of underwater cultural heritage, and promotion of maritime archaeology, and is eligible to apply annually for funding under a non-competitive grant.

Other programs


The following funding programs are no longer active. Funding toward these objectives may now be sought through the Your Community Heritage Program.

National Historic Sites (2010-2011)

The National Historic Sites program provides funding to help protect and conserve Australia's nationally significant historic sites.

Commemorating Eminent Australians (2009-2010; 2010-2011)

The Commemorating Eminent Australians program provides funding for the conservation of graves and memorials of eminent Australians.


Funding is no longer available from the following sources:


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