Heritage organisations

Heritage organisations

Many government and private sector organisations are involved in protecting heritage places.

Heritage Division

The Heritage Division within the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities develops and implements policies and programs to help identify, conserve and promote appreciation of Australia's natural and cultural heritage places and objects.

The Australian Heritage Council

The Australian Heritage Council  is the Government's independent expert advisory body on heritage matters.

The Australian World Heritage Advisory Committee

The Australian World Heritage Advisory Committee has been established to provide advice to Commonwealth and State/Territory Ministers on issues of a cross-cutting nature that affect Australia's World Heritage sites.

State and Territory Heritage Organisations

Each Australian State and Territory has both government and non-government organisations involved in protecting heritage places:

Heritage experts and resources

Heritage consultants can help you to identify or manage a heritage place. Find out about historians, archaeologists, landscape architects, environmental managers, engineers, planners, and more.


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