Nominating a heritage place

Nominating a heritage place

Call for Nominations for the National Heritage List and Commonwealth Heritage List

The public call for nominations for the National Heritage List for the assessment period 2013-14 closed on 15 March 2013  A new round of nominations (for 2014-15) is expected to be called later this year or early next.  If you wish to nominate a place you may contact the department to be asked to be notified when the round is called. Nominations submitted before the round is opened are eligible for consideration in the next round when it opens.

For more information about the nomination process, see below.

The nomination and assessment processes for including places in the National and Commonwealth Heritage lists are open and consultative.

The nomination process step-by-step

1. Check if the place is already listed

Is the place that you are planning to nominate already on a heritage list?

2. Request a nomination form

Each year, the Minister will invite nominations to the National and Commonwealth Heritage Lists in accordance with the assessment cycle.

The nominations period is closed. Please contact the Nominations Manager for further information.

3. Review what information you will need to provide in your nomination

Nominations must set out the qualities or values of the place that makes it outstanding to the nation by indicating how the place meets one or more of the heritage criteria.

For information on the high threshold for National Heritage listing, you may wish to consult a guide to heritage listing in Australia.

4. Submit the nomination form

Nominations can be submitted in electronic form, eg on a computer disc.

Nominations must include all attachments along with a completed and signed nomination form. Nominations should be sent to the Nominations Manager in the Heritage Division.

5. What next?

Once your nomination is received, the delegate for the Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (the Minister) decides:

Nominations that do not pass these tests may be rejected.

Nominations that pass these tests will be given to the Australian Heritage Council (the Council).

Once a year, the Council must prepare a priority assessment list for consideration by the Minister. This list, when approved by the Minister, sets the work program for the Council for the next 12 months. The final assessment list is published on the Internet. The Council must invite public comments on whether the places under assessment have heritage values for inclusion in the heritage list for which they were nominated and whether they should be included in this List. The Council must also consult owners and occupiers of any place that it finds, during assessment, might have heritage values.

The Council then gives the Minister an assessment report on the place together with copies of all comments it has received from its statutory consultations.

The Minister must consider the assessment report and comments and decide whether to list or not to list the place. The nominator is advised of the decision and, if listed, the owners and occupiers of the place are advised.

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Nominations must include all attachments along with a completed and signed nomination form. Nominations should be sent to:

The Nominations Manager
Wildlife, Heritage and Marine Division
Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities
GPO Box 787
Canberra ACT 2601
email: heritage@environment.gov.au


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