Managing a heritage place

Managing a heritage place

Owners and managers of Australia's listed heritage places are required to meet certain requirements that are designed to protect that place for future generations. Find out about management plans, strategies and what to do if your plans might affect the heritage values of a place.

Managing national heritage places

Find out about heritage management principles, how to write a management plan, and have your questions answered about managing places that are included on the National Heritage List.

Managing Commonwealth heritage places

Understand your obligations as a manager of a Commonwealth heritage-listed place, as well as the experts and tools available to help you ensure that those values are protected and preserved for future generations.


Find out how to identify if a proposed action might impact the heritage values of a place, and how to make a referral.

Changing a heritage place

All your questions answered about what you may and may not do to a heritage place (and how).

Heard and McDonald Islands


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