Australia's biodiversity

National Wildlife Corridors Plan

Diverse, connected and healthy landscapes that support and sustain biodiversity, communities and wellbeing

Australia has a rich variety of native plants, animals and other organisms - our nation's biodiversity. However, as Australia has developed, our natural environment has become increasingly fragmented resulting in significant loss of natural habitats and a decline in biodiversity. This problem is compounded by threats such as climate change and invasive pest species.

The Australian Government recognises that our response to biodiversity decline has to be increased if we are to effectively respond to this problem. The National Wildlife Corridors Plan will lay the foundations for addressing this decline.

Supporting our biodiversity

The National Wildlife Corridors Plan is an Australian Government initiative to support the reconnection of the Australian landscape. It lays the foundation for a new, collaborative, whole-of-landscape approach to the conservation of our nation's biodiversity by improving the resilience of our landscapes in a changing climate and repairing landscapes that have become fragmented.

The National Wildlife Corridors Plan will help Australians reconnect with the environment by providing the community with a national network of wildlife corridors across the nation. Corridors will range from small corridors created by local communities to large corridors that stretch across many different landscapes.

Creating a network of wildlife corridors will contribute to healthy and productive landscapes that support and sustain biodiversity, communities and wellbeing.

Australian Government National Wildlife Corridors Plan

The National Wildlife Corridors Plan Advisory Group

The National Wildlife Corridors Plan was developed by an independent advisory group. The chair and members of this group are listed below. Affiliations are as they were at the time the Corridors Plan was written.

National Wildlife Corridors Plan Advisory Group
Name Affiliation
The Hon Bob Debus Independent Chair
Kym Cheatham Ecotourism Australia
Professor Steve Dovers Fenner School of Environment and Society, ANU
Debra Goostrey Urban Development Institute of Australia
Melissa George Indigenous Advisory Committee
Brett de Hayr National Landcare Facilitator
Dr Judy Henderson Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority
Doug Humann Bush Heritage Australia
Angus Hume Natural resource management / agriculture advisor
Vicki Jo Russell Australian Landcare Council
Dr Paul Sinclair Australian Conservation Foundation
Felicity Wishart The Wilderness Society
Deb Kerr National Farmers Federation

For more information

For more information about the National Wildlife Corridors Plan please call 1800 803 772 or email

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