Threatened species & ecological communities

Conservation advices

When a native species or ecological community is listed as threatened under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, conservation advice is developed to assist its recovery.

Conservation advice provides guidance on immediate recovery and threat abatement activities that can be undertaken to ensure the conservation of a newly listed species or ecological community.

Recovery activities

Conservation advice includes practical on-ground activities that can be implemented by local communities, natural resource management groups or interested individuals, such as landholders. Examples of such on-ground activities may include:

Conservation advice may also include broader management actions which can be undertaken by organisations such as local councils, government agencies or non-government organisation's, to protect the species or ecological community on a regional level. Examples of such management actions may include:

For some species and ecological communities, recovery plans may also be developed to assist in recovery.

Conservation advice for newly listed species and ecological communities in an area:

Male noisy scrub bird. Photo Alan Danks

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