Australian Biological Resources Study

Funding and Research

The Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS) administers various funding opportunities within the National Taxonomy Research Grant Program. The program is assisted through the appointment of an Advisory Committee that applies its expertise to provide high-level recommendations to the program on its funding priorities.


The ABRS National Taxonomy Research Grant Program provides grants for taxonomic research. Grants are awarded for research projects where the primary aim is to undertake taxonomic research on the Australian biota or to develop products that aid in the dissemination of taxonomic information. The program also supports projects that build Australian taxonomic capacity.

For more information and details of round openings, please keep an eye on the Grants home page.

Churchill Fellowships

In 2010–11, the ABRS partnered with the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust to offer Fellowships for overseas taxonomic research.


The ABRS offers small grants to postgraduate students who wish to travel to national or international conferences or workshops, relevant to both the student’s research program in taxonomy or systematics and the ABRS Research Priorities. The 2012 bursaries round is now closed. The next round will open in early 2013.

Advisory Committee

The ABRS Advisory Committee is a non-statutory body appointed by the Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, which provides technical and policy advice to the ABRS. Advice includes assessing and recommending funding and developing strategic and operational priorities for the National Taxonomy Research Grant Program.

Funding and research


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