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An estimated 75 percent of Australia’s biodiversity remains undescribed and 45 percent of our terrestrial continental area has never been surveyed. In February 2010, during the International Year of Biodiversity, Minister Garrett launched Bush Blitz, which aims to provide a snapshot of the biodiversity contained in the National Reserve System. In partnership with BHP Billiton, Earthwatch Institute Australia, the National Scientific Reference Site Network and Caring for our Country, the Australian Biological Resources Study is leading the Bush Blitz project. Across the country, Bush Blitz is supported by State and Territory conservation, primary industry and agricultural agencies; Australia’s museums and herbaria; leading universities; CSIRO; the Atlas of Living Australia; and the Australian Science Teachers Association.

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Australia’s Top 10 New Species. Which will you choose as the No. 1?

Winners have now been announced.

Ever heard of the Kimberley Froglet, the Opera House Barnacle or the Bandalup Buttercup? Probably not, as they were only discovered in 2009 by Australian species discovery scientists. In fact, these three new species are part of a group nominated by scientists as ‘Australia’s Top 10 New Species’.

The ‘Top 10’ is a fascinating and diverse group that includes a frog, a fungus and a fossilised fruit fly! There is also an extremely rare, mountain-dwelling tree snail, (named in honour of the late Steve Irwin), and the Bacchus Marsh Wattle, which despite growing just outside of the city of Melbourne, was not named and described until 2009.

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