Refrigeration and airconditioning

New application fees for refrigeration handling licences and trading authorisations

Application fees for refrigeration handling licences and trading authorisations have increased from 1 January 2013.

The rise on 1 January 2013 covers the increase in the cost of administering the licensing scheme since its inception and establishes a basis for the indexation of fees in the future. The indexation of fees will apply annually from 1 January 2014 and will be based on the wage price index published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (Catalog 6345.0).

The new fee list for January to December 2013 is as follows:

Permit Type

application fee

Application fee
from 1 January 2013

Refrigerant Handling Licence (2 years)



Transitional Refrigerant Handling Licence (1 year)



Trainee Refrigerant Handling Licence (1 year)



Refrigerant Trading Authorisation (2 years)



Refrigerant Trading Authorisation (1 year)



Restricted Refrigerant Trading Authorisation (2 years)



Halon special permit



More information

For more information on the fee increases, or on applying for refrigerant handling licences or trading authorisations, visit the Australian Refrigeration Council's website at www.arctick.org/fee_structure.php

National regulations

National regulations are in place which affect people who acquire, possess, dispose of or handle ozone depleting substances (ODSs) or synthetic greenhouse gases (SGGs) in the refrigeration and airconditioning (RAC) industry.

Persons who handle these substances in bulk or in equipment are required to hold a Refrigerant Handling Licence.

Companies or persons who acquire, possess or dispose of these substances are required to hold a Refrigerant Trading Authorisation.

Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC)

The Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) has been appointed as the Industry Board to administer these regulations. More information regarding the licensing system is available on the ARC website.

Current holders of refrigerant trading authorisations can be found by using the ARC authorised business search.

Information tailored for you:

The Consumer
For information related to buying, maintaining or decommissioning air conditioners, refrigerators and other refrigeration and air conditioning equipment; how to find a licensed technician in your area; find out more about ozone, climate change and refrigerant gases.

For information related to refrigerant handling, in bulk or in equipment (e.g. air conditioners, refrigerators); Refrigerant Handling Licences; Transitional Licences.

For information related to acquiring, possessing or disposing of refrigerants; the manufacture of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment; Refrigerant Trading Authorisations.

Importers / Exporters
Licences and reporting requirements for the import, export and manufacture of ozone depleting substances (ODS) and synthetic greenhouse gases (SGG).