Considerations for the development and introduction of an issue-specific Environmental Improvement Plan for the Australian foam industry

Prepared by Caleb Management Services Ltd for the
Department of the Environment and Heritage, October 2004


About this document

A series of meetings was held with representatives of the Australian foam industry and other relevant stakeholders in early June 2004 to ascertain views on the introduction of an Environment Improvement Plan (EIP) across the industry. These meetings had been preceded by preliminary informal discussions between the industry and the Commonwealth Government as early as last year. The principal consultant at Caleb Management Services (Paul Ashford) had been engaged to assist the Department of Environment and Heritage and the Australian Greenhouse Office in reaching an appropriate conclusion on the viability of such an EIP and the selection of an appropriate Implementation Framework. A Discussion Paper had been prepared and circulated across the industry in April 2004 that put the proposed Australian approach into an international context.

This summary represents the outcome of this process. However, it should be stressed, that these proposals reflect entirely the view of the consultant and are not necessarily representative of the view of the Australian Government itself.