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Business with us

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Payments and procurement

Payments and procurement are key functions of the Finance Branch of the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities. We aim to provide efficient, effective and timely financial and accounting services to the Department and a friendly, helpful and effective interface with our vendors, creditors and debtors.

The Department is committed to the use of e-commerce in its future business activities. We intend to take advantage of e-commerce developments to enhance mechanisms for conducting business with our clients and by implementing ongoing continuous improvement in the delivery of services.

Australian Business Numbers (ABN)

The Department, its agencies and the discrete agencies within the Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities Portfolio have the following ABNs:

Department (excluding the following) 34 190 894 983
Australian Antarctic Division 56 428 630 676
Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology 92 637 533 532
Director of National Parks (Parks Australia) 13 051 694 963
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority 12 949 356 885
Natural Heritage Trust of Australia 34 190 894 983 002


Please direct account inquiries to:

Accounts Payable (amounts owing to you)
Ph. (02) 6274 1151

Accounts Receivable (amounts owed by you)
Ph. (02) 6274 1141

email address

Collector of Public Moneys
Ph. (02) 6274 1141

Advertised Business Opportunities and Tendering Process Inquiries
Email address